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DIY Ways to Draft Proof Your Home

Some of our favorite DIY ways to draft proof your home happen to be oh-so simple. Draft kits, weatherstripping and insulation foam are powerful ways to eliminate drafts and save on energy bills. Here are tips on selecting the best draft stoppers, installing them with ease and saving on heating and cooling costs.

Canning Tips & Tricks —And Some Favorite Tools

Canning is such a satisfying activity, one that yields tasty and nutritional results year round. Here's an overview of basic steps, some favorite tips and a roundup of our favorite multi-purpose canning tools, all available at Esh Hardware.

Enjoying Your Outdoor Oasis | Esh Hardware

Spring sunshine gives us the motivation to tackle spring cleaning projects, and after the work is completed there is time and space to play. We’re taking a closer look at both work and play–with spring property maintenance tips and, of course, ideas on making the most of your own backyard.