Repair Burst Pipe DIY

DIY Fix For a Burst Pipe

To repair a cracked or burst pipe, there are DIY options.
The key is to work quickly, however, to keep leaking water from causing further damage.

First Things First:

  •  Turn off the main water shut-off valve in the house, then turn on faucets to relieve the remaining water pressure in the pipes.
  • Make sure you have a bucket beneath the burst pipe to capture water and ice.


To fix a burst pipe you will need:

  •  Pipe or tubing cutters specifically designed for your plumbing material (cutters for plastic tubing, for example, versus cutters for copper)
  •  A quick-connect pipe with push fittings. Or—you can buy replacement pipe with a push-to-connect fitting at either end. This is a good option if the amount of pipe you must replace is longer than a couple of feet.
  • A file or de-burring tool (if you are working with copper pipes)

Are you located near Ronks, PA in Lancaster County? If so, stop by Esh Hardware with a sample of the plumbing that needs to be replaced, so they can help you find the perfect replacement. Matching the precise size and style of push-to-connect fittings is key, and Esh Hardware carries a wide selection from reliable names such as SharkBite and Apollo PEX.

“We carry all the pipes,” says Ray Esh of replacement tubing. “One is even flexible enough so it expands.”

Flexible pipe is an ideal replacement solution for areas of the property where freezing pipes are likely to occur, since the flexibility will allow for expansion without bursting or cracking!

Photo Credit: Philippe 2009

Steps to Repair a Burst Pipe:

1.  Cut out the damaged portion of pipe.

2.  Note the exact length of the pipe you removed, so you will know the size of the replacement pipe needed. Make sure to factor in the extra length, usually about 1 inch, that you will need to slide into the replacement fitting, or coupling.

3.  Install the quick-connect pipe—or create one with replacement piping, cut to the appropriate size – with a replacement fitting (sometimes called a coupling), attached at either end.

Note: If you are working with Copper Pipe: Before installing the coupling or quick-connect pipe, you will need to de-burr both edges of the existing pipe. In other words, the points at where you cut away the damaged pipe must be filed down to remove any sharp edges.

4. Open the main water valve to confirm the replacement pipe and fitting are securely in place. Spend several minutes observing water flowing through the replaced plumbing to make sure there are no leaks.  If so, congratulations! You’ve gotten the water flowing once again in your home! 

As a DIY-er, however, it’s always a great idea to have a plumber come in and double-check your work – to make sure your fix will stand the test of time. 

SharkBite Max brass push-to-connect couplings
SharkBite Max brass push-to-connect couplings
Industry system men worker cut joint with tool of copper pipe air conditioner
Sizing copper pipe requires specific cutters - available at Esh Hardware.

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