Weeds Begone!

Eliminating Weeds 101 - Dealing with lawn weeds is a hassle. Save time and beautify your lawn with simple tips from Esh Hardware to help eliminate these unsightly invaders and give you a lush, weed-free lawn or garden.

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Lawn Mower Tune-Ups

The secret to having a lush and tidy lawn might lie in the condition of your lawn mower. Learn how to keep your lawn mower performing at peak level—and 4 annual must-do maintenance steps. Here’s why fresh oil, sharp blades, and clean filters are crucial—and other expert tips to optimize your lawn mower's performance and longevity.

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Spring Cleaning in a Snap

Reduce the hours and elbow grease spent making your home sparkle this spring, or any season. Here are top home cleaning tips and tools from Esh Hardware, all selected for their DIY efficiency, great value and eye on eco-friendliness.

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DIY Fix For a Burst Pipe

When the temperature drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, water freezes and expands. If this happens in your home it can wreak havoc with your plumbing. If a pipe should crack or even burst, it may be easier to fix than you think. Here’s an overview of how to fix a burst pipe.

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DIY Ways to Draft Proof Your Home

Some of our favorite DIY ways to draft proof your home happen to be oh-so simple. Draft kits, weatherstripping and insulation foam are powerful ways to eliminate drafts and save on energy bills. Here are tips on selecting the best draft stoppers, installing them with ease and saving on heating and cooling costs.

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First Aid for Frozen Pipes

It’s more simple than you think to keep the plumber away, and make sure your water continues to flow when the weather gets frigid. Here are DIY ways to safely thaw frozen pipes—and smart, proactive methods to insulate your plumbing in the winter.

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